Tips For Fast Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery in Courtenay

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If you have yellow stained teeth chances are you are quite conscious of them and you always hesitate to smile because of them. While it is an expected reaction, you do not have to lead a life without ever smiling. Teeth whitening in Courtenay offers the perfect solution for a bright white and charming smile.

There are numerous teeth whitening in Courtenay procedures you can carry out at home or with the help of a licensed and experienced dentist. But before you embark on any of the processes, you should ensure you do not have tooth cavities. If you do, especially on the wisdom teeth, the pain sustained could worsen.

Before you embark on a teeth whitening process, you should get wisdom teeth extraction in Courtenay. This will save you pain before and after the whitening process. Speaking of pain, how does one handle the pain and healing after the extraction? Below are some tips to help
reduce the pain you experience and help quicken the healing process.

Plan Ahead Of Time

Before you walk in for your wisdom teeth extraction in Courtenay, you should adequately prepare. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and go over the expectations of the procedure. A professional dentist will provide you with some guidelines to follow in relation to the extraction process. Be sure to read the guidelines keenly before the surgery.

Have Your Rest

It is expected that after the surgery you may be in a hurry for things to get back to normal. However, for the sake of long term recovery, it is recommended that you take it slow. Let the recovery process go through its full course. Relax and lay with your head supported with pillows.
You should not indulge in any exercise of rigorous activity for at least a day after the wisdom teeth extraction surgery.

Be Careful With Your Diet

Your diet following the surgery should consist mainly of liquids. With time, as healing takes place, you can introduce solid food to your diet. Start with soft foods like pudding and be sure to avoid hot and spicy foods.

Open The Mouth

After the surgery, your jaw is bound to become stiff. Due to the discomfort involved, you might be tempted not to open your mouth during the healing process. However, it is imperative that you do. If you don’t, you risk the stiffness becoming permanent. While opening your mouth
after the surgery, make sure it is slow and gentle.


Rinse The Mouth With Warm Salty Water

After your wisdom tooth surgery, you should rinse your mouth using warm salty water. Use this mixture to rinse your mouth several times daily especially after you have drunk or eaten. This will reduce the chances of infection, swelling or pain.

Control The Bleeding

The dentist will provide you with gauze to bite on and reduce your bleeding after the removal process. After half a day has passed, and for cleanliness, change up the gauze for a tea bag. The tea leaves are perfect for reducing the pain felt and will encourage blood clotting, hence faster healing.


Once the wisdom teeth removal surgery is done, then you may proceed with your teeth whitening in Courtenay process. Get that pearly white smile you have always wanted.