The Blights of a Desk Job

There are certain blights that come with having a desk job. And no, I’m not talking about your lack of motivation or your disorganized desk. The problem I am talking about concerns your health. Staying at your desk from 9 to 5 and continued staring at your computer screen can cause a lot of health issues. One of them is the case of compressed nerves. Incessant typing on keyboard tires your hand but it can also lead to pinched nerves in hand causing carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is CarpalTunnelSyndrome?

In CTS, median nerve in the wrist becomes compressed due to the pressure of ligaments in the carpal tunnel. The nerves which pass through narrow space are more at risk of getting compressed. They can get pressurized by keeping the body in the same position for a long period of time.


It has been noted throughout history but the first case of carpal tunnel syndrome was documented in 1854 by Sir James Paget. It was reported in median nerve compression. The pinched nerves have more frequently appeared after World War II. Later, more doctors began to study this curious ailment and many theses were written on it. The first person to determine the pathology was Dr. George S. Phalen.


The symptoms include tingling, numbness and occasional pain in hand especially index finger, middle finger, and thumb. Weakened grip and loss of sensation are major symptoms also. In severe cases, you may become unable to move your hand.


The symptoms of the patient play an important role in the early diagnosis of CTS. American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) has published a reference standard in the proper diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, that is Phalen’s maneuver, Tinel’s sign, Durkan test and hand elevation test. This problem pertains to neurology and orthopedic. A pinched nerve doctor could be a neurologist, an orthopedist or a chiropractor.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is treated by medicines, injections, wrist splints, physiotherapy, and surgery.

  • Medicines – NSADs like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen are used to reduce inflammation and swelling of the pinched nerves.
  • Steroid shots – these injections are known to reduce swelling of the surrounding muscles and reduce pain.
  • Wrist Splints –the basic and long-term treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome or any issues related to nerve compression is the use of splints. Splits work like a temper cast which allows the affected areas to rest and prevent further damage. CTS gets better over time without any major treatment.
  • Physical therapy – it includes exercise routines for wrists to mitigate inflammation and revive the nerve.
  • Surgery – in some severe cases, when none of the above-mentioned treatment worked, surgery can be done to alleviate the pain. The cause which is responsible for the compression of the nerve is removed during the surgery.


This serious condition can be prevented by doing exercises at regular intervals between working hours. Some easy hand exercises such as stretching can help a lot in this matter.

The Amazing Benefits of General Dentistry in Guelph

General dentistry includes all kinds of oral care. It starts with a dental exam which then leads to dental cleaning as well as any other treatment that might be essential to maintaining good oral health. It therefore follows that general dentistry refers to preventive care. General dentistry in Guelph is very essential since as you already know, prevention is better than cure. Many benefits of general dentistry are obvious.

But what exactly does general dentistry in Guelph involve? This is a comprehensive term that includes all types of basic oral health. Dental examinations including teeth cleaning, X-rays, composite fillings, tooth decay prevention, crowns and bridges, implants and bonding, tooth extractions, and root canals are all part of it. As already
mentioned, general dentistry begins with an examination. Normally, the first thing that is ordered by the dentist after the exam is teeth cleaning. Cleaning the teeth to get rid of tartar and plaque ensures that your gums and teeth remain healthy.

General dentistry in Guelph allows your dentist to identify any dental health problems that might cause issues in the future. Treatment, if required, is started early to avoid the problem from getting out of hand. Like all other health issues, treatment is more effective when an oral problem is detected early. This is a very important benefit of general dentistry.

Dentists recommend that people have an oral examination every 6 months to catch dental problems early enough. During a dental exam, your dentist will look for any signs of tooth decay as well as gum related problems that might pose a threat to your oral health. Teeth cleaning is also recommended every 6 months. This is also like an examination where the dentist checks your teeth and removes plaque buildup. If the plaque buildup is left unattended, it can be a source of gum discomfort and swelling.

During the oral exam, X-rays might reveal the beginning of tooth decay. To save the affected tooth from more damage, the dentist might recommend composite fillings and sealants. This is another benefit of general dentistry. With this preventive oral care, your tooth is saved and you are saved from the trauma of tooth extraction that may become essential in the future.

Besides maintaining good oral health, general dentistry also provides other indirect benefits. Regular oral checkups make sure your dental expenditures are under control. When you take care of possible problems early, you are able to save money on expensive dental treatment in the future. Additionally, you retain your natural set of teeth with an easy brushing and flossing routine for a longer time.

Teeth cleanings leave your teeth looking bright and clean, another benefit of general dentistry in Guelph. A great set of teeth leads to a radiant smile, which consequently boosts your confidence, making it easier for you to establish relationships with other people. You will be more open to conversations when you have a brilliant smile. And,
definitely, you are not afraid of major oral diseases such as gum disease and oral cancer since the symptoms are detected early and treated effectively.


Considerations for Hiring a Cosmetic Dentist in Victoria, BC

Due to changes in technology, cosmetic dentistry has changed a lot. It has added new meaning to people’s life by improving their smiles as well as their overall appearance. To enjoy the many benefits of this field of dentistry, you need to carefully choose a cosmetic dentist who will help you get the smile that you have always wanted. Here are some things that you will need to consider before hiring a dentist to carry out dental implants, braces or even teeth whitening in Victoria, BC for you or a member of your family.

Experience It is important to choose a dentist who has been in the field for a period of not less than five years. While this does not mean that dentists who are fresh from training are not qualified, you need someone who has references of the patients that they have helped with procedures such as teeth whitening in Victoria, BC. A dentist with many years of practice in this field has the modern technology required to conduct certain procedures effectively. An experienced dentist will also have
an idea of problems faced during different cosmetic dental procedures.

Recommendations Some of your friends, neighbours, relatives or colleagues may have used a cosmetic dental expert in the recent past. Ask them to recommend to you a dentist that you can use for different treatments. Make a list of the dentists that have been recommended to you. You can also search for reliable dentists on the internet. Check ratings of different dentists to know those to choose and the ones that should be avoided. Qualifications and Licensing It is important to choose a dentist who is well qualified and who has received training from a well-recognized institution. Dental implants, teeth whitening in Victoria, BC and other cosmetic procedures are carried out by dentists who are licensed to practice. To ensure that the license shown is valid and genuine, contact the relevant licensing body. Location The cosmetic dentist that you choose should be in a location that you can access easily. Hire someone who is near your home or place of work. Such dentists will save you time in case of an

Also, in cases where an emergency treatment is needed, it will be easy to visit a dentist who is near where you live or work. Pricing Most people use their medical
insurance coverage to pay for their medical expenses. Some dentists may only
accept cash payment. If you have such insurance, make sure that the dental
doctor you choose accepts payments from your provider. If you do not have insurance or your insurance is not enough to cover your cosmetic dental treatments, look for an affordable dentist. But beware of dentists who are extremely cheap as this could be an indication of substandard services. Good Communication

The last thing to consider is how good in communication the cosmetic dentist and those who work in their clinic are. Remember that some cosmetic dental procedures require more than one visit to the dentist, so choose someone you are comfortable with. Your personal comfort is very important when choosing a dentist.


Choose the right denture clinic in Calgary

When it comes to getting partial dentures in Calgary, it is important for you to choose the right denture clinic. With a number of denture clinics around, selecting the right one can turn out to be a daunting task. However, you have to consult reliable and authentic sources for getting information on the most reputable denture clinics in the area. Here are some crucial aspects to consider when looking for a reputable clinic in your local area:

There could be a number of denturists available for you to make your selection from. You need to begin your search at the local level and ask people you know. If you are unable to find a good denturist near you, there is nothing wrong in going to another city to receive proper treatment.

You can visit a prospective denture clinic and ask their patients regarding the professionalism of the staff and the level of services being provided at the clinic. You should evaluate the environment to see if you are comfortable with it. You must not hesitate in asking questions about the past track record of the clinic and other important documents that you are interested in.

If you have insurance, then the number of choices available to you could be limited. You need to clarify which denture clinics are associated with your insurance company.

Make sure to determine the overall experience of the denturist you are considering. You will want to choose a professional that has been helping people with partial dentures in Calgary for an extended period of time. Always choose a highly experienced denturist who has the knowledge and practical skills to handle your particular needs. This will give you the confidence that your oral health is in safe hands.

In order to locate a trustworthy denture clinic, you should talk to the past patients of the clinic under consideration. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the effectiveness and reliability of the denture clinic in question. Ask them if they are satisfied with the services they received and if their partial dentures are in good condition. Moreover, you must ask if the denture clinic offers excellent customer services. Never settle for a clinic that does not value their patients.

Always select a denture clinic that has highly qualified and certified professionals. There are some clinics that do not run proper background checks before hiring their denturists and staff people. So, checking the qualifications and certifications is very important.

Go to the websites of the clinics you are considering and learn about their services in detail. Check if the website is user-friendly and professional, as most reputable clinics would have one. A good clinic would take certain concrete measures to ensure they have a good online presence.

Be sure to get personal recommendations from people around you, like your friends and family members. They will be able to give you proper advice on which professional is the most suitable choice for you. So, take all these factors into account prior to making any final decision.

The major advantages and disadvantages of dental implants in Lethbridge

Several doctors recommend dental implants to people who need them. These are metal based roots that are placed onto the jaw of the patient. Usually, titanium is used as a metal. The reason for that is the fact that it works well with the body and does not pose serious complications compared to other metals. In this article, you will learn about the major advantages and disadvantages of dental implants.

As the implants are attached to the bone, the patient does not face any difficulty in chewing. The chewing process is completely natural even with the implants. Also, you do not have to worry about the loosening of the teeth since they are permanently attached to the bone structure.

With implants, your teeth will look and function like natural teeth. You can smile with full confidence. Also, you will be able to get rid of all those adhesives and clasps.

As the implant is bonded to the gums, there is no possibility of having swollen gums that are usually caused by tooth decay. Moreover, the adjacent teeth won’t be affected by the implants, either.

Due to the nature of the implants, your speech can be greatly improved, too. Your speech will become more understandable as a result.

Whether you need help with root canals in Lethbridge, or dental implants, it is important to choose the right dental professional for the job. Finding a great dentist is never an easy task. Make sure to act upon the following guidelines to ensure that you pick the most appropriate dental professional in your area:

Check the overall experience of the dental professional you are considering. Determine how long he or she has been practicing dentistry. Ideally, you should look for someone who has been around for more than five years, if not more. Going with an experienced dentist is better in the sense that he or she has treated several patients before and that you are not the test case. Thus, opting for an experienced dentist is always a wise choice.

Qualifications and certifications are always important things to check before proceeding. Qualification tells you that the dental professional has acquired proper knowledge of the dentistry practices and knows how to deal with different complex procedures. Certification gives you the assurance that the professional strives to keep themselves updated with the modern dentistry practices. It won’t hurt to ask for the proof that your prospective dental practitioner is qualified.

Before choosing a dental office that specializes in root canals in Lethbridge, pay a personal visit of the clinic to gauge the environment, facilities and other major details. During the visit, you will also get the opportunity to interact with the patients and get their opinion on the services they received. Their responses will help you get a good estimate of the quality of service you can expect at the clinic.

Word of mouth is another way to find a decent and affordable dental clinic near you. Your friends and family members can refer you to a reliable dental office.

Tips for Choosing The Best Cosmetic Dentist/Dental Clinic in Edmonton

First impressions in this world are everything. In the business world, they can determine whether you close that all important business deal or not. In the dating world, they can be the determinant as to whether you enjoy the first date or persevere through it. An important bit of making a great first impression is having a great smile. If you are like most people, you mostly subscribe to the notion that an attractive smile makes you more appealing to individuals of the opposite sex.

While not many people have great natural smiles, the good news is that cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton provides a great solution. There are about five cosmetic dentistry procedures one can take advantage of. But with every dental clinic in Edmonton claiming to provide the best cosmetic dentistry services, it is challenging to pick the best dentist and dental clinic.

But before you throw in the towel, below are some factors to consider when choosing the best dental clinic in Edmonton for your cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Is it their main focus?

In any field and industry, experience is key. You should prefer a dentist who has made visible efforts to make cosmetic dentistry their field of focus. Dentistry is a wide practice and working with a dentist who is a jack of all trades will not provide you with the results you envision.

Request Before and After Photos of Past Clients

There is no better way of judging a dentist’s handy work than from cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton he has handled before. The clear images will help you in making an informed evaluation of their performance before trusting the dentist with your smile.

Post Graduate Education

Here is the thing about dental schools.They teach very little with regards to cosmetic dentistry. This is probably because it is more of an art. The results achieved are dependent on the prowess of the dentists.

So how does one judge a dentist’s artistic ability? Well, in all honesty, this can be a difficult process. But while the before and after photos may shed some light on the prowess, post-graduate education following the basic dentistry course is an added advantage. Their
membership affiliations also tell a lot with regards to their prowess in cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry Technology and office standards

Yes, you are allowed to visit the office for a quick evaluation. During your visit, be keen on the kind of equipment available. Also, ask about the technology used in the procedures they perform.
The technology used is important as it has a bearing on the performance level of the cosmetic dentist and the results achieved.

Does the dentist weird you out?

It is imperative that you be comfortable with the dentist you will be working with. If you get a sense of dishonesty or feel he is not communicative enough, you should stay away. You will spend a considerable amount of time with the dentist. As such, if you cannot bear a few
minutes with them for whatever reason, it is wise that you move on to the next best choice.


The factors listed are meant to get you started on your choosing process. However, they are in no way exhaustive. You can always throw in some factors to consider depending on your preferences. Ultimately, it is your money, time and smile on the line – do not settle for


When to See a Dentist about Your Teeth in Lethbridge

Are you worried about your teeth? Most people who brush and floss twice a day have nothing to worry about, but even this does not protect your teeth completely. Making an appointment with your dentist at least once a year is the thing to do if you truly want to maintain good oral health. A check up for adults is recommended twice a year.

A good dentist can recommend something to help, from flossing more to dental implants in Lethbridge. Whether you’re looking for a good west side dentist or just wondering when you should see a dentist about your teeth, read on to find out more.

When to See a Dentist about Your Teeth

Twice a Year

If you are an adult you should be technically seeing your dentist twice a year. This is enough to make sure that your cleanings are happening as they should. It’s also a great time for the dentist to evaluate what’s going on with your teeth and gums. They will be able to get a good look and see if there is anything unusual going on. If there is, they can take a closer look and if not, you’ve got a clean bill of health and are good to go!

When There’s a Problem

The second that you think there is a problem with your tooth, teeth, or gums, you should book an appointment with a west side dentist. Getting into a chair is the only way to see what’s going on with you, and a professional will be able to evaluate the problem and recommend a course of treatment better than you can. If you think that there is a problem and you don’t know why do not hesitate to call up your local office and make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

Pain in Your Tooth or Gums and Bleeding

Pain is usually a sign that something is going on. Instead of popping an aspirin to deal with it, take the situation seriously. If you are bleeding abnormally or there is a site of pain anywhere in the teeth or gums, you’ve got to consult a dentist. Don’t wait until a bacterial infection spreads and starts attacking your body – you want to get to any problem quickly and start addressing it as soon as possible.

When You Can’t Eat

If something is going on with your teeth and gums to the point where you can’t eat, definitely consult your dentist. That’s not normal and the mark of a healthy mouth is one that has no pain and can do everything that you would normally expect it to. If you can’t eat and you feel like you don’t feel well, you’ve got to make an appointment to contact a dentist.

When a Tooth Is Bad

One tooth going bad may mean you need it removed. If it goes too far, there’s always the option of dental implants in Lethbridge. A dentist will be able to check it out and see how badly it has been affected. If you’ve just chipped it or damaged it, they might be able to bond material to it and restore it back to functionality.


Tips For Fast Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery in Courtenay

If you have yellow stained teeth chances are you are quite conscious of them and you always hesitate to smile because of them. While it is an expected reaction, you do not have to lead a life without ever smiling. Teeth whitening in Courtenay offers the perfect solution for a bright white and charming smile.

There are numerous teeth whitening in Courtenay procedures you can carry out at home or with the help of a licensed and experienced dentist. But before you embark on any of the processes, you should ensure you do not have tooth cavities. If you do, especially on the wisdom teeth, the pain sustained could worsen.

Before you embark on a teeth whitening process, you should get wisdom teeth extraction in Courtenay. This will save you pain before and after the whitening process. Speaking of pain, how does one handle the pain and healing after the extraction? Below are some tips to help
reduce the pain you experience and help quicken the healing process.

Plan Ahead Of Time

Before you walk in for your wisdom teeth extraction in Courtenay, you should adequately prepare. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and go over the expectations of the procedure. A professional dentist will provide you with some guidelines to follow in relation to the extraction process. Be sure to read the guidelines keenly before the surgery.

Have Your Rest

It is expected that after the surgery you may be in a hurry for things to get back to normal. However, for the sake of long term recovery, it is recommended that you take it slow. Let the recovery process go through its full course. Relax and lay with your head supported with pillows.
You should not indulge in any exercise of rigorous activity for at least a day after the wisdom teeth extraction surgery.

Be Careful With Your Diet

Your diet following the surgery should consist mainly of liquids. With time, as healing takes place, you can introduce solid food to your diet. Start with soft foods like pudding and be sure to avoid hot and spicy foods.

Open The Mouth

After the surgery, your jaw is bound to become stiff. Due to the discomfort involved, you might be tempted not to open your mouth during the healing process. However, it is imperative that you do. If you don’t, you risk the stiffness becoming permanent. While opening your mouth
after the surgery, make sure it is slow and gentle.


Rinse The Mouth With Warm Salty Water

After your wisdom tooth surgery, you should rinse your mouth using warm salty water. Use this mixture to rinse your mouth several times daily especially after you have drunk or eaten. This will reduce the chances of infection, swelling or pain.

Control The Bleeding

The dentist will provide you with gauze to bite on and reduce your bleeding after the removal process. After half a day has passed, and for cleanliness, change up the gauze for a tea bag. The tea leaves are perfect for reducing the pain felt and will encourage blood clotting, hence faster healing.


Once the wisdom teeth removal surgery is done, then you may proceed with your teeth whitening in Courtenay process. Get that pearly white smile you have always wanted.


5 Dental Procedures for Functional and Beautiful Teeth in Kamloops


Are you doing everything that you can to have a beautiful and functional smile? Regular brushing and flossing is important when it comes to tooth maintenance, but sometimes there are issues with your teeth that you have to go to the dentist to address. It may be something routine like wisdom tooth extraction in Kamloops or you might want to get a dental appliance for yourself or your child.

Only going to the dentist will let you know whether you can benefit from a procedure. Call up an office near you if you have any questions or if you just want to book an appointment, and read on to find out more!

5 Dental Procedures for Functional and Beautiful Teeth

  1. Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Typically wisdom teeth are removed at the age of sixteen to eighteen. Wisdom teeth coming in can be painful and while many teenagers have apprehension about getting wisdom tooth extraction in Kamloops, they can feel better in knowing that it’s a relatively simple procedure. Getting wisdom teeth removed means a little soreness for a few days, but you’ll be able to eat solid foods again relatively soon. In the meantime, have a milkshake! You’ll be feeling better in a short while.

  1. Dental Appliances

Dental appliances are often used to straighten the teeth and keep them in place. They are a general term that can address a wide range of solutions, from headgear to braces to retainers. Your dentist will be able to tell you more about the options that you have if you want to have your children’s bite aligned or want to straighten out your own smile. Ask your dentist about what options you have and what types of appliances are out there.

  1. Veneers

Veneers are growing in popularity and it is one of the most frequently asked about procedures at the dental office. This process involves bonding material to the teeth to improve both appearance and functionality. They used to be primarily for function, but veneers are chosen more and more these days for their ability to change and improve a smile. They’ve come a long way in the past few years so check them out and see what you think.

  1. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are also known by the term dental caps. They are used when the structural integrity of a tooth has collapsed and your tooth could use a little help. If you are feeling pain and think you might have a cavity, or might have need for dental crowns, speak to your local dentist and see if you can make an appointment to have it checked out. You will be glad you did.

  1. Teeth Whitening

Get your teeth whitened at the dentist? Believe it or not, many dental offices offer teeth whitening to their patients. You may have to come in more than once depending on how white you want your teeth, but other than quitting coffee this is the best thing you can do to lighten your teeth a few shades. Get a smile that looks great and take those selfies or group photos with confidence!


Looking Nice and Operating Better: Dental Procedures to Check Out

When you go to your Fort McMurray dentist, do you just go once or twice a year for a checkup? Do you ever ask them about any interesting procedures like whitening of the teeth, or are you not even at that point? Some people go to the dental office and their other medical professional offices like clockwork, while others just don’t even have that type of schedule.

If your teeth could use a touch-up or if it’s gone beyond that where you really feel like the damage is more than aesthetic, you should definitely make an appointment at an office or a clinic near you today. They may be able to really help you figure out what’s going on with your teeth and then recommend a course of action to take from there. Read on and find out more and perhaps get inspired to call up your own local dentist!

Looking Nice and Operating Better: Dental Procedures to Check Out

When it comes to our teeth, sometimes we develop problems regardless of the care we take of them. Sometimes problems can develop because of the type of care we take of them. Regardless, you’ve got to get your bottom in a dental chair if you want to get to any type of treatment stage. These procedures can help deal with the issue and maybe if not that, then provide an acceptable alternative explanation.

Dental implants are a great option if you have one tooth that has been messed up and the rest of your smile is fine from top to bottom. They are permanent, so consult your dentist to see if you need them before moving ahead. There is a good chance that dental implants may be a good option if you don’t need or can’t even use something like bridges or dentures.

Dental implants are used when a few teeth need to be replaced and there is an low expectation of the others falling apart in the future. If the teeth are too damaged your dentist might want to refer you to a denturist to see if those might be a better fit for overall use. Either way, a Fort McMurray dentist will have the answers.

Dental whitening is also a great procedure and it’s really not that invasive at all. You may need more than one session, but this professionally-done procedure will lighten teeth and give you a smile that looks great in photographs and video. You can whiten your teeth yourself, but why not have a pro go for it? You’ll love the results!

Dental crowns (known as caps) are another frequent option that help your smile look great and restore functionality to your smile too. Maintaining teeth can be tough when they’ve lost their structural integrity. Most often made out of porcelain, dental crowns are designed to fit well and mimic your tooth in every way from appearance to function.

If you think you might benefit from getting one of these procedures, check them out and see what you think, then make an appointment and see if you can get them done for a new smile that looks and works great. Make an appointment today!